Winter kayaking in Venice and the lagoon

Venice Kayak offers a limited range of winter tours in the colder, darker season, roughly from late October to late March.

The limiting factor is the amount of daylight available during the winter. Longer and later tours will inevitably run out of daylight before we’re back.

Water temperatures rarely go below 10°C, but even at that temperature hypothermia can be an issue if somebody capsizes. We therefore ask more questions about skills and experience, and we’re more likely to turn people away, if we don’t think they’re up to paddling in the conditions we have here in winter.

We have a limited supply of wetsuits, neoprene long johns, besides jackets, gloves and hats. It is very important to bring suitable inner layer clothing, either woollen or synthetic, to keep warm during the tour.

Tours on offer in the winter

Twilight tours in Venice

Twilight tours in Venice

When day fades into night, the light changes and turns Venice to gold. As dusk breaks, you glide down the canals, listening to the sound of water lapping against your kayak: a unique experience offered to you by Venice Kayak.

Morning tours in the lagoon

Woman in the lagoon behind Lazzaretto Novo

The Venetian lagoon is full of surprises, and few people realise that you can find yourself immersed in nature while having the Venetian skyline just a few kilometres away.

Morning tour in Venice

The morning tour in Venice is perfect for those with less time in Venice, taking at most four hours start to end. The tour starts at 9.15am and you’ll be back at 1pm – guaranteed.

Day tour in Venice

Couple waiting for gondolas to pass

A day tour in Venice in kayak can make a holiday in Venice even more special. Four hours paddling the canals of Venice, with a lunch break in a central square.

History tour in Venice

Women unsure if she can pass under the Arsenale entrace

Discover the history of Venice from the water, as it was meant to be. Four hours paddling the canals of Venice, with a guide to the history and architecture of the city.

Day trips in the lagoon

Lagoon - Sant'Eramo in the autumn with red leaves

A full day paddling in the Venetian lagoon is an adventure beyond the ordinary kayaking trip. Paddling through the marshes to Burano or Torcello, it is a unique mix of nature, culture and history.

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