Winter tours in Venice and the lagoon

Christmas paddle at San MarcoVenice Kayak offers a limited range of winter tours in the off-season period, roughly from late October to late March.

The limiting factor is the amount of daylight available during the winter, which means that we only do morning tours and shortened full day tours. Longer and later tours will inevitably run out of daylight before we’re back.

Water temperatures rarely go below 10°C, but even at that temperature hypothermia can be an issue if somebody capsizes. We therefore ask more questions about skills and experience, and we’re more likely to turn people away, if we don’t think they’re up to paddling in the conditions we have here in winter.

We have a limited supply of neoprene long johns, besides jackets, gloves and hats. It is very important to bring suitable inner layer clothing, either woollen or synthetic, to keep warm during the tour.

Winter tours in Venice

The tours in Venice are a mix of paddling the small canals in the city, sometimes parts of the Canal Grande, and a bit in the open area in front of St. Mark’s, the Bacino San Marco, towards the island San Giorgio Maggiore.

A half day trip with Venice Kayak is normally 10:15 to 14:00 circa, 2-2½ hours active paddling in a relaxed pace. The tours are around 8-10km paddling, and they’re  normally done without any break.

The full day tours run from 9:45 to 15:15 circa, 4-4½ hours active paddling with a short lunch break, long enough for a quick sandwich in a bar.

Winter tours in the lagoon

The lagoon tours follow the same schedule as the tours in Venice.

Half day tours in the lagoon cover an area around the Certosa, Vignole, Lazzaretto Novo and Sant’Erasmo islands in the central northern parts of the lagoon.

The Certosa island during winter

Some of the facilities on the Certosa island are not available all winter. The bar and restaurant  are closed part of the winter, so is the hotel. Some toilets and showers are available all year, but parts of the services might be closed.

Venice Kayak has heated changing rooms available all year.

Further information

Groups can be up to 6 persons. Larger groups can be arranged, but must be agreed upon well in advance, as we have to find an assistant guide for larger groups.