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Water bus schedules – April 2017

Venice Kayak is based at the Vento di Venezia, on the Certosa island in the lagoon, just east of Venice city.

Due to unforeseen experimentation on behalf of ACTV, the public transport company in Venice, the Certosa island has a much inferior service from April 1st until April 29th.  The lines 5.1 (Lido – Certosa – Fondamente Nove – Ferrovia – Piazzale Roma) and 5.2 (Piazzale Roma – Ferrovia – Fondamente Nove – Certosa – Lido) stop on the Certosa island.

From April 30th the Certosa will be serviced by the vaporetto (water bus) lines 4.1 and 4.2 again.

ACTV map of lines 5.1 and 5.2 - April 2017

(the relevant parts of the routes of the lines 5.1 and 5.2 are indicated in colour on this map)

Direct vaporetto to the Certosa

If you’re staying close to one of the vaporetto stops served by the 5.1 and 5.2 lines, its very easy to get to the Certosa island. Both lines run on a 20 minute schedule, with three passages each hour.

Here are the departure times (given as minutes past the hour) from main stops of the lines 5.1 and 5.2, which will get you to the Certosa island in time for most day time tours with meeting time 15 minutes past the hour (valid April 1st-29th, 2017).

Line 5.2:  P.Roma – Ferrovia – Fondamente Nove – Certosa Minutes
Piazzale Roma (bus terminal and parking, platform B) 9
Ferrovia (railroad station, platform D) 15
Riva de Biasio 18
Guglie 21
Tre Archi 24
Sant’Alvise 30
Orto 33
Fondamente Nove (platform D) 39
San Pietro 55

The line 5.1 goes to the Lido, where it is necessary to disembark, exit the terminal and re-enter the terminal immediately to the right, then embark the same water bus again once the new crew shows up after 6-8 minutes.

Line 5.1: Zattere – San Marco – Giardini – Lido – Certosa Minutes
S. Basilio 16
Zattere 19
Spirito Santo 22
San Marco – San Zaccaria (platform F) 29
Giardini – Biennale 36
Sant’Elena 40
Lido (arrival) 46
Lido (departure) 54

The full official ACTV time tables for vaporetto line 5.1 and line 5.2.

From along the Canal Grande (Rialto, Accademia, etc.)

If you’re staying in the central parts of Venice, the areas around Rialto, Accademia, and along the Canal Grande, you can take a vaporetto line 1 to Sant’Elena, and then switch to line 5.1 for one stop to the Lido, disembark and wait for the new crew to reopen the  same 5.1 circa 5-8 minutes later for one stop to the Certosa island.

Alternatively, walk to the north side of Venice, and take the vaporetto 5.2 from one of the stops Fondamente Nove or Ospedale.

From Cannareggio and central Castello

From much of the Sestiere Cannaregio the fastest is to walk to one of the stops Guglie, Tre Archi, Sant’Alvise, Orto or Fondamente Nove, and take the vaporetto 5.2 from platform D, as per the line 5.2 time table above.

From much of the central parts Sestiere Castello the fastest route is to walk to Fondamente Nove or Ospedale, and take the vaporetto 5.2 from there.

Fondamente Nove is the main vaporetto stop on the northern side of Venice, and it serves a lot of vaporetto lines.

From the Lido di Venezia

From the Lido vaporetto 5.1 from platform A to the Certosa island. Please see the line 5.1  time table above.

From the Camping San Nicolò, please ask in the camp site office for details of how to get to Santa Maria Elisabetta (SME) which is the vaporetto terminal on the Lido.

From the Giudecca

From the Giudecca stops of Sacca Fisola, Palanca, Redentore and Zitelle you need to take a line 4.1 to Sant’Elena, then change to 5.1 to the Lido, disembark, wait for the new water bus crew, and take the same line 5.1 for one stop to the Certosa island.

Line 4.1 departs Sacca Fisola 5 minutes past the hour (and every 20 minutes), Palanca 9 minutes past the hour, Redentore 12 minutes and Zitelle 15 minutes. It arrives at Sant’Elena 33 minutes past the hour.  There change to line 5.1 at 40 minutes to the Lido, where you’ll need to disembark, wait for a change of crew of the vaporetto and then take the same 5.1 for one stop to the Certosa island.

Line 4.1 and 5.1:  Giudecca – Sant’Elena – Lido – Certosa Minutes
Piazzale Roma (bus terminal and parking, platform B) 54
Sacca Fisola 5
Palanca 9
Redentore 12
Zitelle 15
Sant’Elena (arrival) 33
Sant’Elena (departure) 40
Lido (arrival) 46
Lido (departure) 54

The alternative is to take the 4.1 to Arsenale, and then walk to San Pietro from where its just one stop with the 5.2. Please see below.

From eastern Castello or by foot as far as possible

If you’re staying in the eastern part of the sestiere Castello, or if you just prefer to walk — after all, walking is often faster than taking the vaporetto and Venice is not a large city — then walk to the San Pietro stop, located on the extreme east end of Venice, and take the vaporetto for just one stop (line 5.2 from San Pietro di Castello). Please refer to the table above for the precise times.

Generel notes

Depending on your point of departure there will be other possibilities. If taking other routes, please note the following.  If at all possible, it will be the easiest and fastest to walk to the northern side of Venice and catch the line 5.2 which goes directly to the Certosa island.

All the lines 5.1, 5.2, 4.1 and 4.2 run on a 20 minute schedule. Line 1 runs on a 12 minute schedule.

Once on the Certosa island

Arriving on the Certosa island, walk down the pontoon bridge and continue straight ahead for the bar. Our meeting point and material deposit is nearby and easy to find.

If you arrive a bit early,  you can get a cup of coffee or a snack in the bar while waiting.

In the bar you can also get bottled water for the kayaking tour, and go to the toilet. There are more toilets close to the launch spot.

The launch spot is further down the island, past the hotel and the toilet facilities.

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