Venice Kayak supplies all basic kayaking equipment.

This includes kayaks, paddles, spray decks, life vest (PFD), paddling jackets and dry bags for the things you want to bring along, and insurance.

You should bring sports clothes and shoes suitable for paddling, a change of clothes for afterwards, and protective items for outdoor activities, such as sunscreen, a hat and sun glasses.

Clothing should be synthetic or woollen. Do not use cotton garments while paddling, as cotton will feel very cold when wet.

Food and drink

Food and drink is not included in the tours, but can be purchased before or during the tour.

We recommend that you always bring a bottle of water on the tours. Water and snacks can be bought in the bar on the Certosa island.

Full day tours in Venice and the lagoon have a lunch break included. We usually have lunch  somewhere economic, where a meal is €10-15 per person. You can also bring your own lunch.

Venice Kayak’s guides always brings a waterproof camera and takes photos of you during the tour. We’ll send you the photos free of charge a few days afterwards.

You can bring your own camera.  However, if the camera is not waterproof, you should be very careful not to get the camera wet. The salinity of the water is such that it only takes a few drops of water to ruin a camera or other electronics for good.

We don’t recommend that you bring your own cameras if they aren’t waterproof.

Don’t take photos using your mobile phone during the tours.

Meeting place

All Venice Kayak trips start from the Certosa island where we meet in the hotel bar. If you come early, that is a nice place for a cup of coffee.

There is a restaurant on the Certosa island, the Certosino, which serves both lunch and dinner. You can reserve a table in the bar before the kayaking tour, and have your lunch or dinner there immediately after the tour.


There are toilets and showers available on the Certosa island. You should bring your own towel.