3-3½ hoursTime:

12-15 kmDistance:


The midday tour in Venice is just perfect, if the morning and afternoon tours are too short, and the full day tours too demanding.

You’ll get to paddle alongside the gondolas, do parts of the Grand Canal and there’ll be plenty of time to explore and enjoy many of the smaller hidden canals that abound in Venice.

A midday tour in Venice covers almost as much as a full day tour, but takes about an hour less, at the expense of a shorter lunch break. There will be time for a sandwich or a snack, standing in a bar, but not for a full meal.

Typical itinerary of a midday tour in Venice

The typical midday tour in Venice starts when you meet the guide on the Certosa island at 11:15 to get ready.  You’ll be ready and in the kayaks before noon, heading directly for Venice, starting with the Arsenale, the ancient Venetian navy docks.

The tour continues through many smaller internal canals for about an hour. There’s planned for a very short break for lunch, just enough for a snack at the counter in a local bar and many a visit to the rest room.

After the break you’ll be paddling in the centre of Venice,  on the Grand Canal and the area surrounding the Rialto Bridge.

Often the return tour includes a crossing of the Bacino di San Marco, the open water area in front of St. Mark’s.

The exact itinerary on any given day can vary, depending on weather, tide, traffic and group skills.

Practical Information

Groups can be up to 6 persons. Larger groups can be arranged, but must be agreed upon well in advance, as we have to find an assistant guide for larger groups.

Private tours are available on request, if booked well in advance.

Midday tours are schedule regularly from late March to late October.  They can be done outside the main season too, daylight hours permitting.

Further information