4-4½ hoursTime:

15-18 kmDistance:


The evening tour in Venice is pure magic.

Paddling in the dark down the Canal Grande, under the illuminated Rialto Bridge, past the Salute church and through the narrow, unlit canals behind St. Mark’s is an experience beyond the usual.

The city of Venice is even more beautiful after dark. The Canal Grande is often eerily quiet and calm in the evening, lying half dark between the illuminated palaces on the sides, disturbed only the occasional evening gondola and a vaporetto every twenty minutes, yet at times it can be as busy and tumultuous as in the day.

Most of the smaller canals are without any kind of illumination, only lit by the light from windows on the upper floors, or street lights from adjacent fondamente.

Itinerary of an evening tour in Venice

An evening tour in Venice starts in the afternoon, about two hours before sunset, so we can prepare and launch before sunset. We carry lights on the kayaks and headlamps.

There is no predetermined itinerary. The guide will chose a route that will give the best chances of enjoying a nice sunset, depending on weather and season.

Sometimes we’ll paddle around the cemetery towards Cannaregio, and other times we’ll head for the waters around San Giorgio Maggiore and the Dorsoduro.

In any case the tour will include paddling the Canal Grande at dusk or after dark, and many smaller canals after sunset.

We’re usually back on the Certosa island around three hours after sunset, which can be quite late mid-summer.

The actual times of meeting, launch and return changes with the season, as the hour of sunset changes.

Practical information

An evening tour in Venice is around 15-18km. It is not a tour suitable for beginners or people with no experience paddling in the dark.

Groups can be up to 6 persons. Larger groups can be arranged, but must be agreed upon well in advance, as we have to find an assistant guide for larger groups.

Evening tours are only available on request as part of a booking of two or more days kayaking in Venice.  Please see our offer of multi-day packages.

Further information