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A holiday in Venice can be made even more special by adding a day in kayak.

Venice is a city of canals, and it should be experienced from the water in a boat.  The difference in experience is staggering.  There are not crowds of tourists around. The main sights of the city can be enjoyed in peace. The palaces on Canal Grande can be studied close up.  Canals inaccessible to pedestrians can be explored. Venice almost becomes another city.

A day trip with Venice Kayak is normally around 4-4½ hours active paddling. We meet at 10:15 in the bar of the Certosa hotel, so we’re ready in our kayaks before 11.

The tour is a mix of paddling the small canals in the city, parts of the Canal Grande, and a bit in the open area in front of St. Mark’s, the Bacino San Marco, towards the island San Giorgio Maggiore.

Girls paddling the Rio Rielo with laundry above (press photo)We’ll paddle through most of the day, in a relaxed pace with a good lunch break and pauses as needed.

Lunch is usually in a snack bar or café on a square in the city. Our most common stops are in Campo S.S. Giovanni e Paolo near the hospital, and in Campo San Barnaba in Dorsoduro but the choice is normally made by the guide during the tour.

We typically start turning back at around three in the afternoon, with the intent of being back on the Certosa island sometimes between four and five.

Most full day tours in Venice are around 12-15km.

Full day tours are for people with a good deal of paddling experience.

Groups can be up to 6 persons. Larger groups can be arranged, but must be agreed upon well in advance, as we have to find an assistant guide for larger groups.

Planned tours

There’s a full list of all currently planned full day tours to Venice here.

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