Tours in Venice

Venice Kayaks offers many different paddling experiences in Venice. Our tours in Venice are suitable for both less and more experience paddlers.

Morning and afternoon tours

Couple kissing under bridge with another couple on the bridge (press photo)The morning and afternoon tours are perfect if you have less time in Venice for kayaking.  It’ll take less than half a day, and you’ll get to see Venice like you’ve never seen it before.

The tours starts from our base on the Certosa island, and passes through the centre of the city through many of the smaller canals.  The exact route and distance depends on the weather, traffic, tide and the paddling skills of the group.

Morning day tours start at 9:15am, and return before 1pm. Afternoon tours start at 2pm and return before 6pm. There’s usually no break. The tours are 2-2½ hours active paddling covering 8-10km.

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Full day tours

Man at San Marco with gondola and Palazzo Ducale (press photo)A full day tour in kayak around Venice will show you a lot of the city that can’t be seen otherwise. You’ll get to paddle a lot of smaller canals and parts of the Grand Canal. The tour passes many of the major sights of the city.

Full day tours are usually done from 10:15am until 4-5pm, with a lunch break around 1pm.  The active paddling time is 4-4½ hours covering 12-15km. These tours are suitable for experienced paddlers.

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History tours

Venice is a historic city. It dates back to the dark ages, and was once the centre of a major empire covering much of the eastern Mediterranean. On the history tours we go slower to have time to talk about the history of Venice and what we’re seeing during the tour.

History tours follow the same schedule as full day tours, from 10:15 to 4-5pm, with a lunch break.  Paddling time is 4-4½ hours, for a distance of 8-12km.  These tours are suitable for paddlers with some experience.

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Evening tours

Man in the evening at the Rialto Bridge with a gondola (press photo)Paddling in the dark down the Grand Canal under the illuminated Rialto Bridge, past the Salute church and through the narrow, unlit canals behind St. Mark’s is an experience beyond the normal.

Evening tours start two hours before sunset, and return about three hours after sunset.  Active paddling time is 3-3½ hours, with a short break if needed, covering about 10-15km. Paddling in the dark requires a fair amount of experience and confidence.

Evening tours can only be booked as part of a multi-day package.

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Winter tours (November to March)

Christmas paddle at San MarcoVenice Kayak doesn’t do all the regular tours from November to March.  Due to the shorter daylight hours we’ll mostly do half day tours and midday tours.

The schedules of the tours in the winter is often different, due to the shorter days.

Winter paddling is for experienced paddlers only.

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