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Venice Kayak S.r.l.

Company registration

Venice Kayak has existed since 2008, as a sole proprietorship by René Seindal. It has grown consistently year after year, in spite of an international economic crisis, and it has now reached a level of demand and activity which is beyond the scope and capability of one person alone.

Venice Kayak would never have existed had it not been for Marco Ballarin. He has since the very beginning been instrumental in creating Venice Kayak even if he didn’t have a formal role in the company.

Therefore, as of December 13th, 2011, Venice Kayak has become Venice Kayak S.r.l., a Società a responsabilità limitata, with René Seindal and Marco Ballarin as partners, with an initial capital of €15,000.

A Società a responsabilità limitata is the Italian equivalent of a private limited company (Ltd.)  in the UK, a Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH) in Germany, and a limited liability company (LLC)  in the US.

Tomb of Santa Lucia

Venice Kayak Srl is founded on the day of the Saint Lucy (Santa Lucia), who happens to be buried in Venice, in the Chiesa di San Geremia on the Canal Grande where we regularly paddle past. In the Gregorian calendar the shortest day of the year fall on the day of Santa Lucia, and she is therefore often associated with light and the return of light.

The previous incarnation of Venice Kayak was formally founded on February 14th, the day of St. Valentine.

Together they represent love and light 🙂

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