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Tour schedule changes

This year our normally scheduled tours will start on April 7th (just after Easter) and finish on October 25th with the end of summer time.

We will have both short tours and full day tours available almost every day throughout the week.

This year we offer special historical day tours, with more focus on the historical and artistic context of what we see along the route. The tours take the same time as the full day tours but the cover less distance as more time is dedicated to talking, explaining and answering questions. To facilitate more talking time on the tour, groups size is capped at 4 persons, unless a single group of 5-6 persons book together.

Evening tours this year will be limited to those booking multi-day packages, so we will only do evening tours for those who have already done at least one other tour with us.

From October 26th until the end of November we will do short tours from 10am to 2pm, due to the shorter days after the end of summer time in Europe.

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