Kayaking holidays can be organised easily by booking several tours over a short period. Spending several days kayaking in Venice and the lagoon is a unique ways of experiencing not only the city canals, but also the environment in which Venice was born.

Exploring Venice only on land will only reach a fraction of the city and almost nothing of the lagoon.  By adding several kayaking days to a stay in Venice you can get a much more complete experience of this unique city on water and its environment.

The common three day programme is a day tour in Venice, a tour to Burano or Torcello, and an evening tour through Venice, which should be available most weeks during the season.

Programms of two, four or five days are also possible.

As you need to be on the Certosa island several days during the week, it makes sense to chose accommodation at or near the island, or on the route of the vaporettos 4.1/4.2.