Special offers and options

The normal tour offers can be modified or changed if various ways, such as multi-day packages, private tours and club offers for larger groups of skilled kayakers.

Multi-day packages

Kayaking holidays can be organised easily by booking several tours over a short period. Spending several days kayaking in Venice and the lagoon is a unique ways of experiencing not only the city canals, but also the environment in which Venice was born.

Venice Kayak offers a discount on multi-day packages of two, three or more days. The  kayaking days don’t have to be consecutive, as long as they’re agreed upon in advance.

Private tours

Venice is the ultimate romantic holiday destination, and what better way can there be for a sporty and active couple to enjoy and experience Venice and the surrounding lagoon than by kayak.

All the tour offers can be booked as private tours, just for you and the guide. Meeting times, duration, itinerary and breaks can be planned according to your wishes.

Kayak club offers

Venice Kayak offers a 20% discount on multi-day packages to groups of 8-12 participants, of which at least one is an experienced coach and tour leader,  who can work together with our group guide.