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Press: TNT Magazine

Venice Kayak was mentioned in an article by Graeme Green in TNT Magazine.

Venice by kayak

“Venice is not a beach,” reminds kayaking guide Rene. “These canals are roads,  these boats are traffic.” This makes a journey around the city in kayaks as close to a road trip as you can get in Venice. The Lido, across the water from the main Venice island itself, navigates a busy shipping lane to enter the city through the ‘fish’s tail’ (the city on a map resembles a fish). The peaceful, narrow, often-empty canals wind through parts of Venice most tourist never see; sharing the waterways with cargo ships, gondolas and other local ‘road users’ provides a real slice of daily Venetian life.

The online article is titled “Venice – the other Sin City“.

Here’s a PDF of the printed article.

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