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Press: Herald Scotland

Travelling around Venice by kayak is a great way to beat the tourist hordes by Graeme Green.

As we head further into the city, we share the water with gondolas, water taxis and cargo ships. One boat is unloading goods at a supermarket, another with a crane is doing construction work on a canal-side house. The canals of Venice have been described as the veins of the city – they’re not just pleasant places for tourist cruises, but working waterways, and to be on them is to see daily Venetian life in action. “All goods and materials are moved on water,” Rene tells us. “If you live here and order a fridge, it will come by boat. The canals are the main roads. If you’re on the canals, you’ll see Venetians at work. If you’re on land, you’ll see other tourists.”

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