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Open Canoe for the Vogalonga


The open canoe has been taken.

Do you want to do the Vogalonga 2016 in an open canoe?

Our guide Loretta has a canoe, which is available for the Vogalong on May 14th and 15th, as she won’t need it herself.

It can be paddled by two or three paddlers.

The price for the boat is €350 for the Sunday event only, and optionally another €350 for participation in our guided tour around the city on Saturday, May 14th.

The price doesn’t not include registration for the event, which isn’t open yet.

The Vogalonga is 30km to which you have to add the distance back and forth from our base on the Certosa island to the starting/finishing area, which is about 3km each way.

The canoe comes with paddles and life jackets for two or three persons.

You can contact us by email if you’re interested.


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