About 12km from the Certosa, a bit more distant that  Burano, is the mostly abandoned island of Torcello.

Torcello used to be a thriving city in the early Middle Ages, with many churches, palaces and monasteries, but it was almost completely abandoned in the 13th and 14th centuries, and now only two churches are left now.

The city of Torcello used to cover many of the surrounding islands, even if little is not visible above the surface.  The medieval church is Santa Caterina di Mazzorbo dates back to when that area was a suburb of Torcello. In the earliest times, Torcello was a more important city that Venice itself.

The tour to Torcello passes the marshes with the islands of San Giacomo in Paludo, Mazzorbetto, Mazzorbo, Madonna del Monte, Lazzaretto Novo and the Vignole.

There are quite few places to eat on the Torcello island, but is possible to buy a sandwich and something to drink.

Couple in the lagoon with Torcello in the background

Paddling in the lagoon

Tours to Torcello are full day tours, starting at 10:15 from the Certosa island, and returning there between four and five in the afternoon.

Time for a lunch break and some sightseeing is included.

The tours are about 25km.  They are suited for fit and experienced kayakers.

Planned Tours to Torcello

There’s a full list of all planned full day tours in the lagoon here.

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