The Venetian salt marshes is a small natural paradise. Many species of birds flourish there and it is home to a unique flora of salt resistant plants.

The Venetian lagoon was once almost entirely made up of tidal marshes. However, due to motorboats, harbour activities, and the digging of artificial canals in the lagoon for commercial reasons, now less than 10% of the lagoon consists of marshes.

The lagoon environment is still under threat from ever more and ever faster motor boat traffic. We are very lucky to have some of the best remaining marsh areas close to our base on the Certosa island.

Tours in the lagoon marshes are full day tours, starting at 10:15 from the Certosa island, and returning there around five in the afternoon.

Time for a lunch break is included. It will be necessary to bring a packed lunch.

Full day paddling tours are at least 20km.  They are suited for fit and experienced kayakers.

Planned Tours in the marshes

Full list of all planned and available tours in the marshes.

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