Venice is much more than just the city of Venice, and kayaking tours with Venice Kayak don’t necessarily have to go there.

Burano is a colourful little island some 10km north of Venice, and a paddle up there is a very different experience. The island itself is quite small, and has some 3,500 inhabitants, but what first strikes the eyes are the colours. Each house has a different colour, often bright and sharp colours.

On the way up to Burano we paddle through the salt marshes in the lagoon, a rare habitat for unique plants and a plethora of birds and fishes. We also pass the islands of San Francesco del Deserto, Lazzaretto Novo, Sant’Erasmo and Madonna del Monte. Some of these are mentioned in most guide books, others are rarely visited or even noticed.

Burano is a popular tourist destination and there are numerous snack bars and restaurants for a good lunch. There are also plenty of places suitable for enjoying a packed lunch.

We usually leave time time for a short walk around the town before paddling back towards the Certosa island and Venice.

Tours to Burano are full day tours, starting at 10:15 from the Certosa island, and returning there around five in the afternoon.

Time for a lunch break and some sightseeing alone or with the guide is included.

Full day paddling tours are at least 20km.  They are suited for fit and experienced kayakers.

Planned Tours to Burano

Full list of all planned and available full day tours in the lagoon.

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