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15-25 kmDistance:


There’s a lot more to Venice than just the city. The lagoon around the city is full of surprises and adventure for lovers of nature and history.

Most the lagoon was originally a vast tidal salt-marsh, of which parts still exists with easy paddling distance from our base on the Certosa island.

Typical itinerary of a day tour in the lagoon

A full day lagoon tour with Venice Kayak is normally around 4-5 hours active paddling. We meet at 9:45 in the bar of the Certosa hotel, so we’re ready in our kayaks before 10:30.

There are several different possible destinations around the lagoon.

Burano is a small town on the homonymous island, and the tour allow for a nice lunch break and a walk around the colourful island.

Torcello is one of the oldest settlements in the lagoon, and the tour can include a visit to the ancient basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, the oldest extant building in the entire lagoon, with marvellous Byzantine mosaics.

The islands of San Francesco del Deserto hosts a Franciscan monastery dating back to 1228, shortly after Saint Francis himself sojourned on the island in 1220 on his way back from a pilgrimage to the Holy land.  A visit to the monastery can be organised if requested well in advance.

The salt marshes are teeming with birds and fish, and are worth a paddle in their own right for those who favour nature or birdwatching.

The southern lagoon with the island of Poveglia is also worth a visit, even if it is not possible to land on most of the numerous islands there.

We’ll paddle through most of the day, in a relaxed pace with a good lunch break and pauses as needed.

Lunch options on the lagoon tours depends on the chosen destination. While there are plenty of possibility to buy lunch at Burano and Torcello, for the other destinations it will be necessary to bring a packed lunch.  The bar on the Certosa island will be happy to supply sandwiches and drinks.


We typically start turning back at around three in the afternoon, with the intent of being back on the Certosa island sometimes between around five.

Most full day tours in the Venetian lagoon are around 20-30km.

Full day lagoon tours are for fit persons with a good deal of paddling experience.

Groups can be up to 6 persons. Larger groups can be arranged, but must be agreed upon well in advance, as we have to find an assistant guide for larger groups.

Planned tours

There’s a full list of all currently planned full day tours in the Venetian lagoon here.

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