Lagoon tours

There’s so much more to see and do around the Venetian lagoon which is anything but uninteresting. Venice Kayak offers a range of different tours in the Venetian lagoon.

Woman in the lagoon behind Lazzaretto Novo

Morning tours in the lagoon

The Venetian lagoon is full of surprises, and few people realise that you can find yourself immersed in nature while having the Venetian skyline just a few kilometres away.
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Woman stretching in the lagoon close to abandoned gondola

Afternoon tours in the lagoon

An afternoon tour in the Venetian lagoon is full of surprises, and few people realise how much there is to experience even just a few km from Venice.
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Lagoon - Sant'Eramo in the autumn with red leaves

Day trips in the lagoon

There's a lot more to Venice than just the city. The lagoon around the city is full of surprises and adventure for lovers of nature and history.
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Lazzaretto Novo - History tours in the lagoon

History tours in the lagoon

The Venetian lagoon is an integral part of the history of Venice. Without the lagoon there would have been no Venice. History tours in the lagoon explore some of the main monuments and sites around the northern lagoon.
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Lagoon - Burano - fishing nets and boxes drying between the barene

Mixed tours Venice & lagoon

The combined tour in Venice city and the lagoon is the perfect choice if you only have one day available for kayaking, but still want to experience both sides of Venice.
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Planned Tours in the lagoon

There’s a full list of all planned tours in the lagoon here.

There are separate tours calendars for each of the different tours listed above on their respective pages.

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