Lagoon tours

There’s so much more to see and do around the Venetian lagoon which is anything but uninteresting.

Morning and afternoon tours in the Venetian Lagoon

There’s plenty to experience within a short distance of our base on the Certosa islands: the islands of Sant’Andrea, Sant’Erasmo, Vignole and Lazzaretto Nove, and salt marshes full of small winding canals and a plethora of birds.

Venice city might only be a couple of kilometres away, and you can see the skyline, but its a totally different experience.

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Full day tours in the lagoon

Woman in orange kayak in front of orange house at Burano (press photo)A full day’s paddling in the Venetian lagoon will take you past dozens of islands, inhabited as well as abandoned, through the winding canals of the salt marshes, to either Burano, Torcello or San Francesco nel Deserto.

Burano is a  small island where each house has a different colour, often bright and vivid colours.

Torcello was once a city to rival Venice, but it went into decline in the 13th century, and now little is left but two beautiful churches.

The tiny island of San Francesco del Deserto hosted  St. Francis of Assisi in 1220, and in 1235 became the seat of a Franciscan monastery, which is still there.

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History tours in the lagoon

History is everywhere in Venice, also in the lagoon, and some of the main sights are just around the Certosa island.

The Lazzaretto Novo was a quarantine station in the 16th century, and we’ll organised a guided tour of the museum.

The fortress of Sant’Andrea was a major part of the defences of Venice on the side of the sea from the 16th century, and the Torre Massimiliano from the 19th century.

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Mixed tours to Venice & lagoon

Woman squeezing out from under the Arsenale entrace (press photo)The combined tour in Venice city and the lagoon is the perfect choice if you only have one day available for kayaking, but still want to experience both sides of Venice.

It is more or less the combination of a short tour in Venice and a short tour in the lagoon, merged together in a single package. The order of the two parts depends in part on the tide which is felt a lot more in the lagoon.

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Planned Tours in the lagoon

There’s a full list of all planned tours in the lagoon here.

There are separate tours calendars for each of the different tours listed above on their respective pages.

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