Lagoon tours

There’s so much more to see and do around the Venetian lagoon which is anything but uninteresting.

Half day tours in the Venetian Lagoon

Girls paddling in front of Forte Sant'Andrea (press photo)There’s plenty to experience within a short  of our base on the Certosa islands: the islands of Sant’Andrea (foto), Sant’Erasmo, Vignole and Lazzaretto Nove, and  marshes full of small winding canals and a plethora of birds.

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Woman in orange kayak in front of orange house at Burano (press photo)Burano is a  small island about 10km north of Venice, with some 3,500 inhabitants, but what first strikes the eyes are the colours. Each house has a different colour, often bright and vivid colours.

Tours to Burano through the lagoon are full day tours, of circa 20km.

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Couple at Torcello with the church (press photo)Torcello was once a city to rival Venice, but it went into decline in the 13th century, and now little is left but two beautiful churches. The larger church was founded in 631 CE, making it the oldest church in the lagoon. The Byzantine mosaics alone is the worth the trip.

Tours to Torchello through the lagoon are full day tours, of about 25km.

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San Francesco del Deserto

Inner courtyard of San Francesco del DesertoThe tiny island of San Francesco del Deserto hosted  St. Francis of Assisi in 1220, and in 1235 became the seat of a Franciscan monastery, which is still there.

Kayaking to the island for a visit to the monastery is a special kind of pilgrimage.

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The Venetian salt marshes

p1120217The marshes surrounding Venice is a rare type of natural environment. It is a tidal salt marsh, which lives and breathes with the tide. It is also home to a plethora of birds and plants, many of which can only be found in the Venetian lagoon.

A day kayaking in the Venetian lagoon is a side of Venice few people experience.

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Planned Tours in the lagoon

There’s a full list of all planned tours in the lagoon here.

There are separate tours calendars for each of the different tours listed above on their respective pages.

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