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Kick Plastic Out from Venice!

On Saturday, March 23rd, we have organized a great garbage clean up, mostly plastic on some less accessible spots around Venice. The event was in collaboration with Classic Boat Venice, Venice Calls, Veritas and Venice F.C.

The problem of plastic garbage torments all of us and all the guides of Venice Kayak have been looking for for years to sensitize our clients to the fragility of Venice and it’s unique environment during the tours. On every tour we do, we usually pick up around 1 kg of plastic between the channels in Venice and the lagoon and we have been doing so for years.

On March 23rd we have collect over than 2.2 tonnes of refusal, mostly plastic. Thanks above all to the effort of so many volunteers (all the volunteers come from the high schools and universities), who have collected garbage that without their helps would stay in the environment for thousand of years.

Our heart felt thanks to all the participants that have spent a Saturday picking up garbage left by others, with joy and civic sense. The world will be better if if everybody could think that we are not the sole inhabitants of the Earth.

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