Couple having fun at the Certosa island (press photo)At Venice Kayak we know that a good paddling experience requires good equipment so we have tried to make as few compromises as possible.

Our kayaks are mostly from Rainbow Kayaks, an Italian producer of high quality PE kayaks.

Our boats have been selected carefully for the tours we do in Venice. They are very stable and easy to handle, both in the narrow canals of the city and in the waves in the waters surrounding the city centre.

All kayaks have waterproof hatches and we have dry bags available for the things you want to bring along on the tour.

Paolo's workshop - Jes with two Venetian paddlesThe PFDs are from Yak and CSR. They are chosen because they are not too bulky and with a front zip, so they can be partially opened when its hot. An adjustable waistband will keep the PFD in place even with the zip open.

Paddles are mostly from TNP, with carbon shaft and plastic blades. A few older paddles have aluminium shafts.

We also have a handful adjustable paddles, for those who prefer an unfeathered paddle,   and a good deal of locally made Greenland paddles, from the Venetian oar maker Paolo Brandolisio.

As of September 2015 we have these kayaks (in the indicated numbers):

Single kayaks:

Double kayaks: