Environmental Issues

Venice is a populated modern city squeezed into an ancient framework, so quite naturally Venice has its share of modern environmental problems.

Water quality

The lagoon is an almost closed body of water, with only three narrow openings towards the Adriatic Sea. Sewage and other kinds of pollution used to be a major problem in the lagoon. It is still a problem, but things have improved immensely in the last decades.

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Venice suffers of traffic congestion like so many other cities, only in Venice the congestion is made up of a mix of modern and traditional ships and boats. There’s a kind of boat in Venice for each type of vehicles we’re used to seeing on the roads elsewhere, from bicycles to heavy trucks.

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Garbage is a problem in Venice like it is in every other major city, only in Venice it is so much harder collecting it. It is rather difficult to sweep a canal. As a result, there are often garbage in the canals, but don’t complain, pick it up. After all, that’s why kayaks in Venice has bungee cords on the deck.

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Moto ondoso

Moto ondoso means wave movement, and it is one of the largest and growing environmentals problem in Venice and in the lagoon. In a shallow basin like the lagoon natural waves are few and small, but modern motorised water crafts create waves of a size, depth and frequency that is highly detrimental to the city and the lagoon.

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