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In the Press: The Washington Post

Venice Kayak, the Certosa island in general, the Venice Certosa Hotel in particular and the restaurant Il Certosina has received a fleeting mention in an article in the Washington Post recently:

Reviving the lagoon

Until recently the foreboding, overgrown site of a former military base and the ruins of a Carthusian monastery, Isola della Certosa has been spiffed up as part of the same municipal lagoon restoration project that is reviving the Mazzorbo vineyard. Just one vaporetto stop from Sant’Elena, the island hosts a marina where you can take sailing lessons, rent a vessel or embark on a lagoon excursion in a kayak or a bragozzo, a traditional Venetian fishing craft.

There’s a casual hotel with 18 rooms and the seasonal restaurant Il Certosino. I’ve often eaten a leisurely lunch on the terrace, surrounded by a lush green lawn, before taking hikes on the nature trail being cultivated around the run-down army barracks and fragments of an explosives factory, where rabbits dart to and fro. Although you can see the main island from there, it feels miles away.

Exploring the islands of the Venetian lagoon – The Washington Post.

The same article has appeared in several other newspapers, such as the Star Telegram.

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