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Hotel and kayak tour package, late August 2011

The Certosa Hotel and Venice Kayak offers a combined package of three nights at the Certosa hotel, a dinner in the hotel restaurant and a kayaking day tour of Venice or the lagoon.

The offer is valid for stays between August 21st and September 1st.

Prices are as follows.

  • For one person in a single room: €314 (kayaking tour with others).
  • For two persons in a double room: €549 (€275/person).
  • For three persons in a triple room: €749 (€250/person).

The hotel room is with breakfast included.

The dinner is at the hotel restaurant, and consists of various Venetian specialities, such as sarde in saor, pasta allo scogliofrittura mista.

The kayaking tour can be any of Venice Kayak’s day tours, to Venice, or Burano through the lagoon of Venice. Evening tours can be arranged for an additional €50, and private tours (with no other participants) for an additional €100.

Booking through the Certosa Hotel, phone: +39 041 2778632, fax: +39 041 8623113, email

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