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Frittelle, oh my sweet and delicious frittelle

No carnival without fritelle

Sweet fried dumplings, frittelle, is a traditional treat of the Venice Carnival. It is made of flour, milk, water, eggs and sugar, not many ingredients, but if the mix is right, the fritelle will be delicious.

The easiest is to buy them in a pasticceria, which is a real confectionery. The price is between 1€ and 1,50€ a piece.

Avoid buying in take-aways, pizzeria, ice cream shops, super markets or in chain bakeries. They won’t be fresh, and fritelle are best when they’re freshly made.

If you want to try for yourself, I has a gift for all of you: the recipe of my grand mother:

3 eggs | 6sp of sugar | 50 ml of grappa | 100 gr dry golden raisins | 100 gr pine nuts | 1 glass of milk | 50 gr butter | 350 gr flour | 1 little envelope of yeast for sweets | 1 lemon peel | little bit of salt

Whisk the eggs whites until stiff and set aside. Whisk the egg yolk with the sugar, than add in the flour, the milk at room temperature, butter, yeast and the other things except the eggs whites, and mix very well. At the end fold in the eggs whites.

Fritelle are fried. Heat a pot full of peanut oil, then take a spoonful of the mixture and put in the hot oil. When its fried, leave it for a bit on paper to absorb excess oil, sprinkle with sugar, and enjoy with the real Venetian frittelle.

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