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Festa della Sensa

A symbolic marriage ceremony


Image Credits: Plum Plum Creations

The Festa della Sensa is an ancient celebration of the relationship between Venice and the Sea, in the form of a symbolic marriage ceremony where Venice, represented by the mayor and the patriarch, throws a golden ring into the sea to celebrate the union between the city and the sea.

The celebrations of the Sensa includes a magnificent procession at sea, with colourful parade boats from all the rowing associations in Venice following the magnificent Serenissima which carries the mayor and the patriarch.

Venice Kayak can take you to see the procession from a kayak.

The procession which is planned for 9am, but it usually starts a bit later. The gathering point is in front of St. Mark’s, and the procession then moves towards the Lido and finally north along the shore to San Nicolò where the actual ceremony takes place.

The ceremony is a symbolic marriage of Venice to the sea. The tradition dates back to around the year 1000, when Venice was emerging as a naval force in the Mediterranean Sea.

Prices and Options

The tour for the Festa della Sensa is €100/person.

Meeting time will be at 7.15am on the Certosa Island so we can get ready and move towards the starting area at St.Mark’s in time for the beginning there after 9am.

We’ll be back on the Certosa Island no later than at noon, immediately after the end of the procession and the ceremony. The restaurant on the island will be happy to serve you lunch afterwards (not included in the price).

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