The Vogalonga 2020 is a 30km paddling/rowing race through the city of Venice and the lagoon up to Burano. Almost all rowed or paddled boats can participate, and there’s even a separate category for kayaks. There are usually well over one thousands boats in the race, of many types.

All participants are issued a diploma of participation. The Vogalonga is not a competitive race and there are no winners. It’s all about being there.

In 2020 the Vogalonga will most likely be held on Sunday, May 31st, 2020.

Vogalonga Monika

The Weekend Package

Venice Kayak offers a two day package, with a guided History tour in the lagoon on Saturday, May 30st, and participation in the Vogalonga on Sunday, May 31st.

The guided tour on Saturday is a unique and surprising way to discover another Venice most visitors never see. There will be guided visits on the Lazzaretto Novo island: a historical-archaeological itinerary inside the walls and a nature walk outside along the sandbanks. The price of the visits is included.

Meeting time is at 10am on the Certosa island, in the bar at the Certosa hotel, departure around 11am, and return between 5pm and 4pm. The lunch will take place on the island of S.Erasmo in a pleasant self-service restaurant called “Al Bacan”, which has a large terrace overlooking a small beach and the lagoon towards Venice. It is a very relaxed paddle with a good lunch break, so everybody’s still fit for the main event the next day.

The Vogalonga on Sunday starts at 9am, departure from the Certosa island at 8pm the latest. Meeting time at the bar of the Certosa Hotel at 7am. You can do the race in a group with a Venice Kayak guide, or separately if you prefer. The guide will do the Vogalonga at a pace that will finish just within the time limit. Those who want to go faster, must do so on their own.

There are people on the Certosa island to greet you when you return, and to take care of the equipment, so you’ll be free to head for the shower and/or the bar immediately.

Lazzaretto Novo - History tours in the lagoon


The two day package is €350 per person.

Associated with the Vogalonga weekend we have evening paddles on Thursday, June 6th, and on Monday, June 10th, which for participants of the  weekend are €100 per person. It will be possible to sign up for these additional tours on arrival.

We have single and double kayaks

available for the Vogalonga 2020.
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Venice Kayak requires a deposit of €50 per person to accept bookings for the Vogalonga weekend.  The deposit is due in January 2020.

Vogalonga 2009 – At the Ponte Tre Archi in Cannaregio

Registering for the Vogalonga

Registration for the event has to be done on the organisations web site Registrations should open in March or April. We recommend that you register as soon as possible. We will send out a reminder when the registration opens.

The registration fee can be paid online with most credit cards.  The fee will be announced on the official Vogalonga website when registrations open, which usually happens around 4-8 weeks before the event.

We can take care of picking up bibs, t-shirts and posters at the organiser’s office before the weekend. All you need to do is forward your registration email to us once you’ve registered and paid the registration fee.

It is possible to do the race on Sunday without registering, but then you won’t get the poster, t-shirt, diploma and medal.


Use this form to send us your request for participation on the Vogalonga 2020 weekend.

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