Rowing events in Venice

Venice Kayak has several special offers, available only once each season. They are often associated with traditional events taking place in Venice or the lagoon.

Vogalonga Monika

Vogalonga 2019

The Vogalonga is a 30km paddling/rowing race through the city of Venice and the lagoon up to Burano. Almost all rowed or paddled boats can participate, and there’s even a separate category for kayaks. There are usually well over one thousands boats in the race, of many types.

Festa della Sensa 2009-05-24-102711

Festa della Sensa

The Festa della Sensa is an ancient celebration of the relationship between Venice and the Sea, in the form of a symbolic marriage ceremony where Venice, represented by the mayor and the patriarch, throws a golden ring into the sea to celebrate the union between the city and the sea.

Regata Storica - Races - Mascareta canarin

Regata Storica

The Regata Storica  is the main Venetian rowing event of the year. It contains a mixture of rowing pageants and voga alla veneta  races, and takes place on the afternoon of the first Sunday in September.