Venice Kayak often receives feedback and comments from participants of our tours.  Here are some  of these comments.

We took this Venice Kayak tour, led by Rene, 19 May 2009.

It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! I work in the outdoor recreation field and have had many unique experiences around the world but hardly any have compared to kayaking through the Venice Canals. Come on people, when will you ever get a chance to do that?

Rene was not only a patient trip leader and a lot of fun, but also so informative. He is highly educated on Venitian history and culture.

Keep in mind that this is a fairly new activity so you have the chance to be one of the first to kayak through the canals.

I will be bringing my customers to share this same unique experience.

Thanks Rene, 5 stars!

Kobie Johnson (US Military) – daytrip in May 2009

Thank you for the lovely pictures. It was a privilege to see Venice from the water in this unique and pleasant way. The whole day was one of the highlights of our trip, many many thanks!

Tatia and Piet (NL) – day tour – July 2012

Thank you ever so much for the photos – absolutely wonderful. When people ask what was our favorite part of our trip to Europe, all 4 of us always say – kayaking in Venice. It was a wonderful experience that we will
always treasure.

Our thanks once again for a fabulous day.

Jonathan (USA) – day tour – June 2012

Fantastic photos. We had a great holiday in Venice and the Kayaking was the highlight.

Jon and Karen (UK) – day tour – June 2012

Thanks for the pictures! We had a really great time. We have been to Venice before but this was the best time!

Sean (UK) – Vogalonga weekend – May 2012

Thanks for these [photos] they are fabulous!! It was such a great day we had a fantastic time. … Thanks again for such a wonderful time and this lovely record of the day.

Jane and Jeremy (UK) – day tour – May 2012

Awesome, thanks. It was a FABULOUS experience and I hope to return. I must say you were the best guide we had on our entire trip.

David (Canada) – evening tour – March 2012

Thanks for a lovely day and a trip to remember. Also great photos you sent! We hope to be good ambassadors for your enterprise and will tell all our friends what not to miss if they make it to Venice!

Elizabeth and Harald (Sweden) – day tour – September 2011

Oh Rene, the photos are so fantastic, picking us up from our post holiday gloom, I can’t wait to come back to Venezia and do more kayaking. Thank you so much for a wonderful adventure, made so much better because of your encyclopaedic knowledge!

Mary and David (Australia) – daytrip in June 2011

Thank you and Marco for such a wonderful experience. Glad we hooked up after so many emails and changes in plans. If you ever need a recommnedation, you can use my name. I already told 20 people in town, and all of my friends, to book with you as
soon as possible.

Gerry (USA) – daytrip in April, 2011

I couldn’t possibly miss ‘Kayaking in Venice’, as this was my second trip to the city of cities and I’ve learned a little paddling in the interim. But I wasn’t sure whether this would be a quick dash across the lagoon, or a real tour. I needn’t have worried.

The trip I was on explored nearly every significant feature of the main island waterways, from a pleasant sea-paddle across the lagoon from lonely haunted Certosa, to winding through the canals around Arsenale, a great lunch with the kayaks docked at a church, then winding through the very small rio’s to Rialto, and big adventures timing our crossing to avoid becoming vaporetto-food. Under Rene’s expert guidance the crossing was no problem at all, although I wouldn’t have wanted to try it on my own. Did you know they keep to the *left* in Venice? No, they’re not secretly British.

The equipment was first rate, the embarkation place a pleasant “recovering” island once used for the military and reachable by special request. Nice hotel bar, very credible spritz. Rene has more languages than I have fingers, english and italian among them, so communication (and the odd pronunciation lesson) were a snap. I should add that the conversation was as good as the paddling … Rene’s somewhat of a polymath with a solid background in history, so you get to learn a lot about the history, politics, economics and culture of both Italy and Venice (I’m convinced they are different places). Not to mention improving my kayak strokes.

The return paddle was even better, winding thru Dorsadoro, visiting a gondola repair and construction yard, and a great paddle across the Canale de Dan Marco and Canale della Guidecca to Salute — don’t miss the little boy with the frog — then back to Santa Elena and Certosa. I loved it, haven’t had so much fun in years, and recommend it without reservation.

Robin (USA) – daytrip in May 2011

That was a fabulous day, just a brilliant experience, certainly a different take on an amazing place.  I have a book of photos here, called “The secrets of Venice”, by Hugh Palmer and I have been looking at it today and so much of it is familiar after the trip with you .

Thanks again for your skill, patience and knowledge and for providing us with an experience we will never forget.

Very best of luck with the business, you are onto a real winner.

Adrien and Douglas (New Zealand) – daytrip in September 2010

Wow! Great photos! Thanks so much for taking them and sharing them with us.

We had a fantastic day on the water with Venice Kayak. Venice itself is unforgettable but Venice by kayak takes it to a whole new level of unforgettable.

Lynn and David (USA) – daytrip in September 2010

Fabulous photos, fabulous memories of a fabulous time. Thank you.

Tony (UK) – two daytrips in September, 2010

Just returned from 5 days in Venice with my husband and 13 year old son. If you are active and want to see the city in a whole different way, we cannot recommend too strongly.

From crossing the lagoon with all the ships speeding everywhere to paddling down silent, narrow little canals without a person in sight, none of us will ever forget it. I had already made several trips up the Grand Canal on vaporetto, but paddling along I noticed things I hadn’t before. There are details in the architecture and in the way the city functions that you just can’t pick up from a vaporetto or walking the streets.

One of those details is that the water was amazingly clean, didn’t smell at all (well, there was one corner that was a bit stinky, but that was 10 seconds of odour in about 5 hours of paddling) and there was nothing but the occasional plastic bottle for trash.

I would advise at least one previous outing in a kayak and good stamina, as crossing the Lagoon from Lido requires 20 minutes or so of non-stop paddling in choppy water. Paddling in the smaller canals where you spend most of the day required very little muscle.

Rene, the owner of the business and your guide is incredibly skilled and good about keeping everyone out of harms way. He was also very patient with my husband, who out of our group had the hardest time keeping up. Most of the time you just paddle and look, but he does point out some special places and tell some stories that were new to us about the city’s past.

It was great fun and a great way to get away from the hordes of tourists.

Christiane & Stephen (USA) – daytrip in August, 2010 (posted on TripAdvisor)

The trip was a lot of fun and we will always remember it.

Tonny and Mike – daytrip in August 2010

Thanks for the trip. It was one of the best days of my holiday!

Sarah (UK) – daytrip in August, 2010

Thank you Rene for an amazing adventure in Venice. What better way to see a city on water? You took such good care of your group, making sure we followed you like little ducklings on the most beautiful waterways in the world. I will never forget the experience and I am very grateful to you for making it possible.

Helene (Canada) – daytrip in September, 2009

This is it. Out of a kayak, the city is more bellissima and serenissima than ever; it will never look the same again. Only after you have riden on the tidal waves from Lido to the Arsenale, glit silently through incredible narrow canals and been trapped in an uncomparable traffic jam of gondolas and watertaxis, have padddled to San Giorgio Maggiore and deep into the south lagoon, you’ll really start to understand what Venice is all about.

Marco, our guide, deserves the name San Marco. He’s probably the nicest person in town, and you feel safe with him anytime anywhere.


Onno & Wim (Netherlands) – daytrip in August, 2009

Thank you very much for the wonderfull impressions! I was very afraid of kayaking – my kayaking-experiences were very long ago – and as I saw the lagoon, the traffic and the waves, I nearly wanted to cancel the trip. But thank you for taking me with you! You made me calm and feeling save. It is possible to do the trip for nearly everyone – I made it. You are a very good guide! I’m looking forward for the photos you took: in the canals, under the Rialto bridge, in the lagoon… I am proud of me.

Andrea (Germany) – daytrip in August, 2009

I’ve been to Venice several times and always enjoy my visits. In late July of 2009 I had a fantastic experience of going on a night- time kayaking trip through the city (including Grand Canal). Some canals were totally deserted – no people on sidewalks, no boat traffic and it was beautiful and almost a little eerie. My guide – Renee is a very knowledgeable and friendly person made everything to ensure that my 3 hours night paddle was interesting, safe and ultimately unforgettable.

Anonymous on NY Times Community pages – evening trip in  July, 2009

This was my third trip to Venice, and by far the best. Before a friend recommended Rene, I was content with never seeing the place again. But come on, it’s kayaking the canals! I have now fallen in love with the city. Seeing the city the way the ancient Venetians did (by boat, if not kayak) was truly eye opening. Rene knows a ridiculous amount of history about everything Venetian, and could answer even the most random of questions. Watching the massive crowds of San Marco’s from the relative solitude of the water was refreshing and made me feel sorry for the poor schmucks who had to walk everywhere. You kinda feel like a rockstar because every tourist there is taking pictures of you as you coast under their feet on the bridges, and every conversation you overhear is “that would be so much fun! We gotta do that!” Well, we did. And it was awesome. Do it.

Michael (US Military) – daytrip in June 2009

Our recent trip to Italy included 2 days in Venice. The first day was spent seeing the sights in the traditional ways- walking, vaporetto, etc. For the second day we hired a guide who supplied us kayaks and other gear, and we took to the water.

We started from the island of Lido and crossed the shipping channels and lagoon and paddled a total of 11 miles around the city, in large canals and small rio’s, with gondolas and motor boats, and back to Lido. Our guide, Rene Seindal (a friendly Dane who speaks excellent English and Italian), was crucial to our having a good experience there. Not only did he supply us with top quality gear, he also brought a wealth of knowlege of history, Venice navigational rules, and general knowlege of Venice.

Paul (USA) – daytrip in June 2009 (read the full review here)

About a week ago Willie and I had THE experience in Venice. In the kayak behind you.
We loved it!
I realise now, by telling my friends at home, that this day was the peak day in my holiday…

Imke (Netherlands) – daytrip in May 2009

Sebastien and I would like to thank- you for the tour on Saturday and for our Vogalonga experience !!!! We really enjoyed it despite the conditions on Sunday- all the more challenging.

We will definately recommend you to our kayaking community here in London and hope to be back

Vogalonga 2010 is in the diary !!( maybe with not so much wind!)

Josephine and Sebastien (UK and France) – daytrip and Vogalonga, May 2009

Here is Ysabelle near the Rialto bridge on the Grand Canal. The boat traffic on the Grand Canal was intimidating at first. It felt like trying to cross highway 401 on a motor scooter … at rush hour! But Rene was an excellent guide and boldly led the way.

I highly recommend paddling with Rene if you get to Venice. You will have the trip of a lifetime.

Neil (Canada) – daytrip in April 2009 (Read the full review here)

Rene, just to let you know, the kayak tour on 19/4/09 was the highlight of my five weeks in Italy. The photo you took of myself in the kayak, with the Rialto bridge in the background, sits in pride of place on my desk. It picks up my spirits when the workday gets long and boring.

I have been watching the website and your business seems to be doing well. Lots of very happy customers like me. It is good to see it, you deserve the success.

Please let me know when the 2010 Venice schedule will start.

Bill (Australia) – daytrip in April, 2009

If your debating going kayaking while in Venice then debate no more. My girlfriend and I went for the day with Rene two weeks ago and it was an experience I will never forget. Exercise, professional lessons, detailed and historical tours are just some of the things you are guaranteed with this man. He is also very friendly and easy to spend a day with. you get to pick your own tour areas, change them on a whim mid tour and get out of kayaks for breaks to get a closer look at anything you want. Abandoned islands off the beaten track, neglected archaeology sites, island hopping and much more fun. I have already recommended him to friends travelling to Venice in sept. By far the best value for money I had on the whole trip. this is a must. don’t miss it!

Colman (Ireland) – daytrip in April 2009

Our entire trip was awseome, but kayaking was definitely one of the highlights.

Take care and good luck with your kayaking venture!

Bob (USA) – daytrip in April 2009

In September of 2008, my wife and I stumbled into a wonderful opportunity we could not have imagined. We were fortunate enough to be able to join Venice Kayak on a fantastic journey. We paddled kayaks from Lido Island to the island of Murano where we parked our them and walked through town, taking in as much as we could of the culture and the heritage of glass blowing for which the island is famous. It was amazing! We got back together several hours later and paddled to another island and a great little restaurant where we shared stories and an excellent meal with the group. After dark we paddled back across and traveled through Venice’s waterways including the Grand Canal. WOW! Not only was it utterly spectacular, but the land-bound tourists hailed us as heros as we paddled past for undertaking such an adventure. It was the greatest feeling to be so “in touch” with the famed canal system, and then to be revered by the foot traffic made it even more memorable. Venice Kayak ha s opened up an ecological, non touristy feeling method of experiencing Venice as no one ever has before. I even coined a new phrase in memory of the adventure. When in Rome, do as the romans. When in Venice, do as the Danish! With gratitude for the incredible opportunity, and hope for your future success in this endeavor, Eric and Deb

Eric and Deb (USA) – evening paddle in September 2008

Thanks again for a fantastic trip.  Your new business is going to be a huge success!

Ashley (USA) – daytrip in May 2008