Venice Kayak is founded and owned by René Seindal and Marco Ballarin, but you’re likely to meet a bunch of brilliant and enthusiastic guides too.

Please don’t send mail about bookings and inquiries to private email addresses.

Marco Ballarin – owner and guide

Marco Ballarin - Venice Kayak guidesMarco is born and raised in Venice,  on the Lido, where he has kayaked since he was nine. He is an accomplished Italian kayak and canoe instructor with the highest level of certification available in Italy, and he is also a certified marine guide. His passion is teaching children how to kayak.

Telephone: +39 349 427 9090
Online: Facebook · Twitter · Flickr · Google+

René Seindal – owner and guide

René Seindal - Venice Kayak guidesRené is Danish, and historian by education (M.A. in History and Italian from the University of Copenhagen ’93). He has travelled extensively in Italy the last 20 years or more.  His master’s thesis on the Sicilian mafia was later published, and it is available from Amazon.

René lives in Venice since 2008, and he speaks Danish, English and Italian fluently. He has paddled in many places in Italy, including Venice, Sicily, the Island of Elba and the complete circumnavigation of Sardinia. René has a Danish sea kayak coach award.

Online: Facebook · Twitter · Flickr · Google+
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Giovanni Da Lozzo – guide

Giovanni Da Lozzo - Venice Kayak guidesGiovanni’s first rowing experience was with his grandfather at the age of five, and from then he’s tried to share his experience, passion and knowledge of the lagoon with whoever is interested. Giovanni has an Italian L2 coach award (FICK) and a BCU 3* award.

He speaks English, French, Italian and Venetian.

Giovanni is working with Venice Kayak since 2015.


Lucia Scudellaro – coordinator

Lucia is from Vicenza but has lived in Venice since her graduation. She has a degree in archaeology and speaks Italian, English, French and some German.

If you call us or send us an email, it is probably Lucia who will answer you.

Lucia is working with Venice Kayak since 2015.


Selina Zampedri – guide

Selina Zampedri - Venice Kayak guidesSelina is Venetian and has a passion for anything related to the Venetian lagoon. She paddles, rows Venetian style, trains children in dragon boats and sails Venetian style too, with a Latin sail. Selina also an experienced bird watcher and a photographer. And an authorised lifeguard, and a diver, and a free style diver, and …

She speaks Italian, English and Venetian.

Selina is working with Venice Kayak since 2016.


Michela Vianello – guide

Michela Vianello - Venice Kayak guidesMichela is Venetian, from the Lido, and has paddled since she was small. She also does dragon boats, rows Venetian style, and she loves to practice sports. She teaches the children of the Lido di Venezia to paddle and how to row in dragonboat. Michela studies hydraulic engineering.

She speaks Italian, English and Venetian.

Michela works with Venice Kayak since 2015.