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About Venice Kayak

Venice Kayak

The Kayak Lagoon Adventure

Venice Kayak Srl has done kayaking tours in Venice since 2008. It is the only company offering such tours. Venice Kayak was founded by Marco Ballarin and René Seindal.

Giovanni Da Lozzo - Kayak Guide

Giovanni Da Lozzo


Giovanni’s first rowing experience was with his grandfather at the age of five, and from then he’s tried to share his experience, passion and knowledge of the lagoon with whoever is interested. He is an authorised lifeguard.

René Seindal

René Seindal

Co-Founder & Guide

René is Danish but lives in Venice since 2008. He speaks Danish, English and Italian fluently. He is also a qualified Tour Leader (accompagnatore turistico).

Our Story

Venice Kayak was born out of a love for the Venetian Lagoon..

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Our Mission & Values

We believe in respect for Mother Nature. On every tour, we invite..

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Our Plans for the future

Venice Kayak is always looking ahead to improve our experiences..

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Our Story

Love for the Venetian Lagoon

Venice Kayak was born out of a love for the Venetian Lagoon, its nature, history and Culture.  Venice Kayak’s founder René, coming from a long background of kayaking wanted to find a way to connect the fun of kayaks and his passion for the Venetian lagoon.

Over 5000 Happy customers!

In 2008, he was able to connect the two by transporting the emotion of kayaking while connecting it with the story of the Venetian Lagoon. Since then, Venice Kayak is proud to have welcomed over 5000 happy customers from all over the world to experience the joy, the beauty of the Venetian lagoon all from the comfort of a kayak.

Our Mission & Values

  1. We believe in respect for Mother Nature. On every tour, we invite our guests to pick up plastic they see floating in the lagoon. To date our guests have collected more floating plastic than you can believe.
  2. By using kayaking as a mode of travel to enjoy a tour we want to support eco-friendly and sustainable tourism.
  3. Venice Kayak is committed to support and preserve the local Venetian culture by taking guests to local places, managed by local people.
  4. Respect for all cultures and people, all people are welcomed on our kayaks.
  5. To provide an unforgettable experience to each and every customer, that leaves them happy as well as spiritually fulfilled that they themselves change the world around them.
  6. Transmitting the magic of the lagoon to all of our guests, by giving full tours that combine history as well as exciting natural perspectives.

Our Plans for the Future

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