From October 27th, 2019, Venice Kayak is operating a winter schedule with a limited offer of tours, due to the shorter daylight hours.

We’ll do morning tours in Venice and the lagoon from 10am to 2pm, and full day tours in the lagoon to Burano from 9am to 4pm.

Morning tour in Venice

The morning tour in Venice is perfect for those with less time in Venice, taking at most four hours start to end. The tour starts at 9.15am and you’ll be back at 1pm – guaranteed.

Morning tours in the lagoon

Woman in the lagoon behind Lazzaretto Novo

The Venetian lagoon is full of surprises, and few people realise that you can find yourself immersed in nature while having the Venetian skyline just a few kilometres away.

Day trips in the lagoon

Lagoon - Sant'Eramo in the autumn with red leaves

A full day paddling in the Venetian lagoon is an adventure beyond the ordinary kayaking trip. Paddling through the marshes to Burano or Torcello, it is a unique mix of nature, culture and history.